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North Dry Rocks / Minnow Cave

Minnow Cave picture taken whil snorkelng in Key Largo

Fast Facts:

Average Rating: 4.75

Average Depth: 10 ft.

Max Depth: 15 ft.


Minnow Cave is one of the best-known coral caves in the

Florida Keys, and is home to many of the namesake species.

The cave is part of the Northern Dry Rocks, which is a shallow

reef with depths up to fifteen feet. The reef is smaller than the Key Largo Dry Rocks but offers everything except for the well-known Christ of the Deep statue. However, divers may prefer this site if they are not particularly interested in the statue and are looking for a less populated location.

The filtered sunlight and shallow depth also makes this a great spot for snorkeling. Divers at this site will be amazed by the slick movements of the glass minnows that hover around the opening to the cave. Groupers and great barracuda are also commonly seen here. Divers who choose to explore crevices will find Florida’s spiny lobster hiding away. This is a great dive for those looking to avoid heavy traffic but still experience a beautiful location.

The reef is marked off by three mooring buoys with the letter “N” inscribed upon them. This area contains a .05 square nautical mile Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA) which is marked by yellow buoys.

North Dryt Rocks snorkel location site map
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